Overwatch Heroes UX

Hello everyone!

While playing Overwatch, I realised there may be something interesting to be shared about the game, which is not usually the focus of guides, but is usually the focus of players: characters user experience.

With “Hero UX” I mean the fun and pain that comes from playing a particular character, regardless from the level of the player. I list the things that I’ve found intriguing about a character, and what I’ve found painful to play.

It is, by all means, my point of view on the matter. Please, share your thoughts in the comments of each article listed below. If we manage to bring some discussion on the topic, I think we can have some fun together!

My intent is not to write a strategic guide. Fun aspects are not necessarily the character strength points. The keyword here is, indeed, “fun”: I play Overwatch for fun, and I think it is nice to create a set of articles on this.

I’d like to cover all Overwatch characters, but this will require some time. I’m going to start with my favourite ones.

Character UX article list [updating]

Defense Heroes


Support Heroes


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