New-Year Weekly Schedule

Hello, RectorNews readers! Today we have great news for you, as a new calendar for content publishing has been set for this site!

You’ll have one new article each day, and each day will be dedicated to one of RectorNews main topics!

All of this will start since tomorrow, will be tested during december, and proceed throughout all 2018 (with the proper adjustments, if required).

Let’s see together how it works.

Monday – Anime Reviews

Each monday you’ll have a brand new anime reviewed here!

We have upgraded the review structure, so to have a spoiler-free part that you can read before watching the anime too. We’ll do our best to help you explore the world of anime, and to make your traveling comfortable.

We’ll cover all the titles included in the wonderfully crafted /r/anime recommendation chart 6.0, published on Reddit by lukeatlook, and also add many other titles too.

We’ll, of course, give you soon enough a page to navigate through all the reviews.

Are you ready to start this long voyage through anime with us?

Tuesday – Videogame Analyses

Monday is the day in which we’ll dive into some specific aspects of the most famous videogames of our time.

You have seen a first example of this in the series of articles “Overwatch Hero UX” which is already being published.

For the time being, please expect a much broader experience, encompassing more games and game aspects.

Wednesday – Press Review

This is a brand new type of news from this site: We’re going to collect articles from throughout the most relevant anime & gaming news sites and present you with the emerging trends and topics of the week.

Thursday – Anime Analyses

On Thursday we’ll analyse in depth some aspect of specific anime or recurring, relevant themes.

When analyzing specific anime, we’ll focus on the message within their stories, or some specific theme brought through it.

When analyzing themes, we’ll study how they’re developed by different anime, making paralels and highlighting cross-references. In this case, a theme can also be the anime aesthetic, art, or sountrack.

Friday – Game Design Bits

Another important update is about our new theme, here on RectorNews: Game Design.  This is for everyone who’s curious about how videogames are made, which are the principles that make them interesting and appealing and the pillars on which masterpieces are built.

And this is not all: we’ll also guide you through the simplest frameworks for indie game design, so that even if you’re new to game design, you’ll be able to put your hands on the real matter, and even create your first prototypes!

On Friday you’ll find all these principles and tutorials explained in easy-to-read articles.

Saturday – videogames reviews

Saturday is the day of videogame reviews: after hours of required in-depth involvement in the games in question, we share our thoughts with you as soon as they’re ready.

As for anime reviews, videogames one have also been upgraded with a spoiler-free section, which you will be able to read to evaluate if – or if not – playing a game.

We’ll cover titles for PC, PS4, PSVita, Nintendo Switch, Nintendo 3DS from both commercial and indie scenario.

We hope this will be helpful for you in your gaming choices and a space for you to discuss about the works you loved – or hated as well!

Sunday – Games Corner

As the world of gaming is not just videogames, we also cover board games and other table-top games, as pen-and-paper rpgs.

You’ll find reviews, articles and news from this world published on Sunday!

Last but not least: follow FB and Patreon flows!

There are three kinds of news that are not shared on this blog:

Flash News

Flash News are real-time information on anime, videogames and game design. You should check them:

RectorStudio Content

Everything which is specifically about the studio and its products/services will be always available on

Patreon Content

Everything – and when I say “everything” I mean everything – is always present on our brand new Patreon page. You will also find Patron-only content there, so please think about supporting RectorStudio if you’re interested in getting hands on courses and advanced tutorials revolving around our topics of interest!

Everything on Patreon is being renewed: stay tuned to get live updates!

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