Game Design Bits – Ren’Py Visual Novel Making

Do you like programming, writing or cinema? You are in the right place! Don’t worry if you can’t do any of those things, as these tutorials will guide you, step by step, through an accessibile, led-by-example, learning process.

What is Ren’Py?

Surprisingly wonderful games like “Doki Doki Literature Club” are developed with Ren’Py, a free visual novel engine, based on Python programming language, that makes VN making approachable by anyone.

Making visual novel is both literature and cinema: you must place your characters on a scene, make them talk, interact with the environment, and so on. Of course, it has a gaming interface that you can program the way you like, making your story interactive in any sense. It is a nice training ground for any wannabe game designer.


Ren’Py Bit #001 – Getting Started

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