Press Review – 13/12/2017

Welcome back to our weekly press review! This week we have the Game Awards on the spotlight, so, let’s explore it!


The Game Awards

Game of the Year

Let’s start with the most important fact: The Legend of Zelda – Breath of the Wild is the Game of the Year 2017! With Nintendo Switch already having reached 10 million copies sold, we can say that Nintendo has done his job well, this time, making up for the less brilliant Wii U period. Zelda also gets the Best Game Direction and Best Action/Adventure Game awards.

Best Family Game


It’s also nice to note how Nintendo got ALL the nominees for the Best Family Game! Not that it’s surprising, but still! The title here goes to Super Mario Odyssey.

Best Role-Playing Game

I’m proud to report that Atlus’ Persona 5 gets the title. It is a great title and much deserved at least one award.

It has been my personal hour record this year, with around 100 hours of play. It is food for thoughts on the real worldRectorNero

Best Score/Music

Square Enix’s Nier:Automata gets it, and this is well deserved.

Nier:Gestalt/Replicant soundtrack is still my favourite game soundtrack of all time. Nier:Automata does a great job in keeping the same feelings alive – RectorNero

You can find out more on the game reading our review.

Best Esports Game

This goes to Blizzard’s Overwatch. It’s not suprising, but it’s still interesting that we see Overwatch over League of Legends, which is the most played videogame of the world.

Overwatch also gets the Best Ongoing Game award, probably for its constant new events, characters, skins and new game modes.

For the complete list of the awards, visit:

Check also what Wired has to say about the event.

Has a new Nintendo Golden Age started?


Yesterday GameSpot reported the great success gained by Nintendo Switch, as the console reached the 10 million copies sold milestone. The lineup is wonderful: the Switch has Zelda, Mario, Splatoon, Mario Kart and Xenoblade Chronicles, alongside some surprisingly good digital games, as Stardew Valley.

The “Lootgate” – update

The controversy on the gambling nature of loot boxes goes forth, as New Zealand gambling regulator answers Gamasutra’s email that: “the Department is of the view that loot boxes do not meet the legal definition of gambling.”.


“Your Name” awards

AnimeNewsNetwork reports: “The San Francisco Film Critics Circle announced the winners for its 2017 awards on Sunday. Pixar’s Coco won the Best Animated Feature award, but Makoto Shinkai‘s your name. anime film was nominated for the award.”

The film, which was already awarded with the “Japan Academy Prize for Screenplay of the Year” and many other prizes for its soundtrack, was a great success,

Your Name is my favourite anime movie, and it’s not for any specific element. I think Makoto Shinkai just did a great overall work. Radwimps’ OST is also fantastic. – RectorNero

Crunchyroll also featured Makoto Shinkai’s work just today. You can find their interview to Kazuki Sunami, Managing Director at CoMix Wave Films in the article.

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