Nero’s Nightly Considerations

Well, hello everyone! Here’s Nero speaking.

I was wondering about this december full-time test, and I have some relevant considerations to share with you all. Please, leave a comment below to share your opinion! So well, here are mine!

The Award Section – Concept vs Concepts

Scheduling vs Flexibility

Winner: Flexibility!

As for now, as you know, here on RectorNews we have one post per day, and the post must belong to the day’s category.

This has some advantages, as you can expect a specific content for each day.

I am the type, though, who likes to space out, so I find this a pretty limiting constraint. Also, I have the attitude of having random good days for specific activities, and I cannot predict which they are.

As I’m the only one working on our news channel right now, I feel the need to change plans and prefer flexibility.

What does it mean? I’m still extremely committed in doing this content creation part of the job, I just love this! But I want to do that whenever I feel it’s the right moment to do so. This doesn’t affect the amount of things you’ll see on this channel: I think they’ll probably increase, as I can dedicate to what I feel the most inspired! Which is a nice thing, and brings me to the next point.

Formal vs Personal

Winner: Personal!

I’ve taken a formal, impersonal approach to fill in all the content on RectorStudio’s channels. As before, this has advantages, as it makes this a formal, full-fledged channel, but I feel it’s lacking of something.

It’s like there’s no real people behind it, you know? Can you even tell who am I and what’s my style? I think you can find a newsfeed channel ANYWHERE, while my first objective here is to get in touch with YOU guys, the ones that will love the result of our work. This cannot be done with an anonymous news channel – even if I manage to get it perfect.

So yes, I will use more “I”, and use “us” whenever there are actually people on the work performed. I will get you updated on minor things on the other social channels too (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn), I hope you’ll enjoy this friendly, familiar attitude, as I personally feel that I need that!

This doesn’t mean that there won’t be formal things: I like impartial reviews, clean articles et cetera. This won’t change. But I need this channel to be alive, and I expect the same from you, dear followers, customers and friends!

Other considerations

About the Office

I’ve set office hours from 9:00 AM to 17:00 PM. I did that to give some organisation to my work, but I found out that my brain tend to work smoothly during night, sometimes, and I’m just wasting energy. I want to extend the business hours during working days! I think I’ll keep the weekend out, though.

Oh, well, this doesn’t mean I’ll be working THE WHOLE TIME, you know, I have a life too! This only means that, from now on, you can knock at my virtual door whenever you like, and I will respond, no matter what hour is it. Feel free to do this, as it makes my working day livelier!

About Content Delivery Priorities

This sounds professional and complex, while the point is very, very simple: as I still need a staff and have PLENTY of things to do, I need to give priorities. I’ve been struggling to keep DeadenD project going those days, while working on the news at the same time.

This brings me to the next two points:

  • I NEED A STAFF! I have a couple of friends that are helping me on game dev, but I absolutely need someone here. I’m gonna hire staff, and assign ranks as the ones you can find on Patreon, with the exact same rewards. So please, come candidate! I will bring you candies. Seriously.
  • Weeks of focus: I’ll give all of myself to completing projects, but there are weeks in which I just need to focus on something and press forward. It is crucial in the creative process, as inspiration doesn’t last forever. It should be exploited while it’s there! This means that I could slow down on news sometimes to concentrate on development. I will keep you updated on each and every spoiler-free achievement I can share. You can even join the office and see me screen-sharing my work, if you like! So well, that’s it! If you want to help me making EVERYTHING work, please look at the previous point and CANDIDATE!

While realising I have small time…

…I also realise that I do LOVE to open up new opportunities. So well, there’s something on my mind that needs to come out in a few days. If you’re reading these nightly lines, I can even spoil you what it is: a new channel!

I’m currently addressing to content delivery in the form of games and news about related topics. I’m also working on a training service for the ones that would love to get their hands dirty on what we do. There’s something that I still feel that’s lacking and that is: a platform for YOU to share YOUR work? Artists, writers, programmers, animators that work in this field and are new to this world, heed my call! I need you. I’d love to have you on my new platform!

Getting concrete.

Well, that’s all. Want to know what happens next? Well, I’m getting back to DeadenD’s development, of course! So, please, comment below while I do this, I’d love to answer to your opinions about this nightly, talkative noise that I just shared!

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